Because of my Family, I Lost It

Photo by Liz Hough Photography

Photo by Liz Hough Photography

I’ve been asked several times along the way of my weight loss journey to blog about it. I’ve been told that I’ve inspired people, which is humbling and weird to think about. Because I didn’t lose 72-77 pounds (depending on the day, and counting) so that I could “inspire people” or write a blog that maybe 20 people would read. Like my mind, my sanity, my patience, the ability to sneeze without peeing just a little bit, and all of the other things I’ve lost, the weight came off because of my children.

I began my first pregnancy (an unexpected one) as an overweight person. Though I ran on the weekends, I was not healthy. I ate lots of processed foods, a soy- and faux meat-heavy vegetarian diet, and drank at least a beer a night. I had a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful daughter when all was said and done, but postpartum depression packed additional pounds on top of the baby weight that I’d not yet shed. And then, oops! Our son was conceived without much (um, okay, without ANY) planning and I began his pregnancy as a categorically obese woman. When my son was born, I was up to 225 pounds. And despite the 8 lb, 15 oz weight of his body, plus the placenta, amniotic fluid, and all the other birth gunk that comes out of your body after you bring a human into the world, I managed to stay well into the 200+ pound range throughout his first year. And I began to get scared.


I began to get scared that I would develop Type 2 Diabetes, or heart problems. I began to get scared that I was setting a bad example for my children about how to live and care for their bodies. I had food issues — serious, disordered eating issues. And I was determined to stop it all before it got even more out of control than it already had.

So one day, I was loafing on the recliner, nursing my 10 month-old son, surfing the internet on my phone. I frequently visited the website, which features products for new parents each day at a significant discount. That day’s product was Lindsay Brin’s Pretty Fierce DVD set. On a whim, I ordered it. The price was just right and the reviews were outstanding. It seemed like everyone who tried this program loved it and had great results from it. Excusing the pun, what did I have to lose?

Shipping was quick and the DVDs arrived just a few days later. I was expecting some light aerobics, some crunches to tone the tummy, some light weightlifting with petite little dumbbells. You know, something for “moms.” A “mom” workout.

And that’s when I got my ass handed to me by a perky, petite Midwestern mom of three.

The Pretty Fierce Weight Loss DVD program is the first in a series of three Pretty Fierce programs by Lindsay Brin. It’s *supposed* to be the easiest of the three. But at 219 pounds, there was nothing easy about hurling my body up and down to do burpees, or balancing in a side plank, or doing plyometric lunges on my weak knees and ankles. I couldn’t do a lot of the moves and I had to pause the DVD several times to catch my breath because I simply couldn’t keep up with it. I cried after the first several workouts, it was so discouraging. I wanted to quit.

Photo by Liz Hough Photography

Photo by Liz Hough Photography

But I didn’t. And that’s where my journey started. My journey hasn’t stopped yet, and if I do it right, it will never stop. Health and fitness and overall wellness is as much a part of my life as anything else now. I work out every day, the same as I’d brush my teeth every day, or eat food every day. It’s simply part of my routine and who I am. I feel better when I work out; I feel terrible when I don’t. It’s simple. And complicated. And easy, and difficult; and fun, and torturous… all at once. Like motherhood. I’ll tell you all about it. Well, some of it, anyway. Stay tuned.


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